Trouble In Terrorist Town Rules
In Trouble in Terrorist Town, you can play as a Detective, Traitor, or an Innocent. These roles are assigned automatically.
  • Innocents: Your job is to keep an eye out for suspicious people that may be committing a traitorous act (shooting players, killing, etc.), and kill all of the traitors you spot, while not killing any other innocents. You will win the round when all the traitors have been killed.
  • Detective: Your goal is to identify and kill all the traitors with the help of the innocents by using various tools to ensure Innocent victory.
  • Traitors: Your job is to murder all the innocent without being caught by other players. All innocents/detectives must die for the traitor to win the round.
  • Holding the use key (E) will pick up moveable props
  • Use key (E) to identify the bodies
  • !role \\ To find out what role you are, there's a usually an icon on the top right of the screen indicating your role.
  • !menu or !shop \\ Will open the shop menu where you can buy stuff.
  • !credits \\ Shows how much credits you have to buy something.
  • !logs \\ Can't use it when you are alive, it usually shows logs to everyone at the end of the round.
ALL TTT rules are enforced by our [Staff]'s at their discretion - if you have a problem or a concern with how a situation is being handled or need clarification on a rule, please contact @Farooq or use the ShoutBox on the forums. Our rules are designed to maintain fun and enjoyable gameplay.

Common Sense:

  1. Actively harassing players or staff is NOT tolerable. (Excessive use of racial terms may result in a mute and gag if necessary)
  2. Obnoxious or annoying mic spam is NOT allowed. (This includes voice changers and music)
  3. Evading a slay by rejoining the server will result in a Slay for two additional rounds.
  4. Advertising of any kind is PROHIBITED. This includes other communities, servers, and websites.
  5. Do NOT impersonate staff or players. Repeated offences may result in a ban.
  6. Do not Ghost - Ghosting is the communication of in-game activities between a dead player and a living player. Any player caught ghosting will face immediate consequences.
TTT General Rules:
  1. Do not Random Death Match (RDM) fellow players under any circumstances. You need sufficient evidence providing that a player is a traitor to kill them. Can't just guess and kill a random person.
  2. Prop-killing as an Innocent or Detective will be treated as RDM (Unless you validly killed a T with prop kill). Traitors are allowed to prop-kill.
  3. Prop pushing another player off the map before the round starts will result in a slay.
  4. Do not prop surf or glitch on any map.
  5. Do not kill afk player until 2 minutes of round start.
  6. Do not kill rule-breakers or seek revenge - only shoot in self-defense and not for previous rounds reasons.
  7. No claiming rooms or areas.
  8. You must see the start of a gunfight in order to kill or KOS anyone involved in said gunfight. If you walk in the middle of a gunfight, you must order the victor to identify the body he killed before killing him or calling KOS. The victor has a 5 second time frame in which to complete your command (you MUST count down for this), after which you may kill or call KOS if the command is ignored or if the body turns out to be innocent.
  9. No lollygagging. All players must attempt to fulfill their assigned roles. Don't delay the round!
  10. Pushing someone into a corner with a prop to block them and not moving in 5 seconds when that said person gives you the warning CAN result in a KOS.
  11. No Teaming/Truces - Detectives/Innocents are not permitted to team up with Traitors.
  12. Do not accuse people publicly in chat or over mic about RDM. Simply report it to admins using team chat follow by the @ symbol.
  13. Camping is not allowed anymore no matter what.
  14. Person inside a traitor room or on a traitor platform is not a KOS. Unless seen shooting (obv).
Detective Rules:
  1. The Detective must actively fulfill the role of a detective and assist the team as needed.
  2. May not random-death-match (RDM) - cause damage or kill innocents or detectives unless acting in self defense (includes using map objects).
  3. May not present a player as a traitor without a valid reason.
  4. May kill a player for disobeying orders. (The player has 5 seconds to obey the detectives command. Can only order one player at a time.)
  5. Detective and proven Inno are not allowed to camp anymore.
Traitor Rules:
  • Traitors must work together in order to complete their objective.
  • Traitors must actively attempt to complete the objective.
  • May not kill or damage other Traitors unless acting in self defense (includes using map objects).
  • Do not camp in an area for more than 30 seconds unless you are in the process of killing an Innocent or Detective. Failure to move after these 30 seconds will result in a warning. If you do not move within 10 seconds of the warning you will be slain.
  • Snitching on your traitor buddies is considered an RDM, and you will be punished appropriately for doing so.
  • Traitors are not allowed to call KOS on anyone.

Equipment Rules:
  • DNA Scanner - Scanning an Innocent's body doesn't necessarily prove someone is a Traitor (RDMs and mistake kills will still show a killers name), you must scan at least 2 bodies with the same killer to call KOS, this includes scanning Detective bodies.
  • Decoy Teleporter - Do not use the grenade to teleport into unreachable areas.


Traitor Acts (Valid reasons to kill):
  • Shooting around or towards other players, unless for self defense.
  • Throwing frag or fire grenades around or towards other players, unless for self defense. (Throwing Flashes or smokes are NOT Traitorous acts.)
  • Planting bombs or detonating the jihad vest.
  • Actively tailing other players with explosive items.
  • Blatantly ignoring or leaving bodies unidentified.
  • Damaging or killing players using weapons or map objects, unless for self defense.
  • Hiding bodies.
  • Actively preventing a player from entering or exiting an area by blocking the entryway.
  • Actively moving a health station away from people.
  • Prop pushing you into a corner making it impossible to escape.
  • They are blocking a door and have refused to move after being given a move command.
  • They are attempting to push you off of the edge via prop
  • Shooting explosive props and explosive map objects near players is considered a Traitor act and can be KOS.

Random Death Match (RDM)

(RDM) When an innocent or a detective damages or kills another player for:
  • An illogical reason.
  • No reason.
  • Assumptions based on how a player moves and talks.
  • Throwing grenades away from other players.
  • Logic killing is NOT allowed. If you did not see it happen, it didn't happen.
  • Pointing a gun at someone.
  • Killing someone without directly seeing them commit an action. (example - Player hears another player get killed with an AK-47 in the room next to him, Player then continues to shoot the next player he sees with an AK-47. This is a Suspicious act, not a reason to kill someone. Player did not visually see the crime. However if you saw 2 people go in the same room and heard gun shots, you gotta wait until the person inspects the body, if he/she doesn't you can ask them to inspect it and kill if it's an innocent.)
(Not RDM) Killing a player that is committing a Traitor Act.

Miscellaneous Rules:
  • Traitor Weapons are NOT a means for a KOS. They spawn on maps and can be picked up by other players.
  • No one responding to a life check does not mean you can kill the first guy you see.
  • Prop blocking hallways / corridors is okay as long as another player can move the prop.
  • Admins hold the right to take any action deemed necessary in order to maintain server stability.
  • Staffs have final say.
How we Admin on TTT
  • Admining will only occur at the end of the round or upon the death of the RDMer(once they are Ided), and ONLY if the correct procedure is followed for reporting RDMs.
  • To report RDM simply report it to admins using team chat follow by the @ symbol. Please let the admins know who it was that RDM'd you so that they can properly investigate.

Warning system:
  • 1st offense: Warning
  • 2nd offense: Warning and Slay
  • 3rd offense: Warning and Slay for 2 rounds
  • 4th offense: Final warning with a kick (manual)
  • 5th offense: Ban for 12 hours (If the person got all his warnings in the past 3 days)
Do not ban anyone who has a 3 day old warning.

Encouraging other players to break the rules in anyway is punishable