Guild Information
Currently Tilted Gamers is an established CSGO community looking to expand into other games with the first being Black Desert Online. We have branched many of our community members into this game and are looking to grow out community in BDO. With that being said we are looking to grow with players new and returning and are always willing to help. Currently we offer 5 million silver daily payouts as well as a wide variety of guild skills currently being worked on. Daily Guild Missions are completed. Relic Scroll Runs, as well as Guild bossing and Guild events. Members of all ages are welcome as long as you're mature enough.

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TG Discord. Click the link below to join the server it is mandatory for all guild members to be in this discord. please @me or a mod in the discord to give you your specific tags. (Discord will not be replacing Teamspeak)
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Node Wars

We are a pvp focused guild. meaning that we will fight people. there will be pvp. and there will be active nodewars. Ideally we would like our members to be able to attend 1 out of every 3 nodewars.!

Level Requirement is currently Level 59, with a minimum Gear score of 450. for Witches & Wizards 400gs 57.
PM family names Storm_Winters,Danshaku,Propinquity,Sparks_PH for Invite

Welcome to Tilted Gamers BDO