Guild Information
TiltedGamers is an Established Gaming Community who has bridged into Black Desert Online, We are currently a competitive PVP and Nodewar Focused Progression guild with the goal of excellence in all aspects of PVP. We currently have Max Combat Buffs, Command to Gather as well as Guild Mounts. We Additionally offer Gyfin Rhasia Parties as well as Pvp Practice sessions as well as Guild RBF's PvP Events and Arena of Arsha's.

TG Discord. It is mandatory for all guild members to be in this discord. please @Bluewinters or any mod or officer in the discord to give you the necessary tags
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Node Wars

We are a pvp focused guild meaning that PVP happens and it happens often. Members are expected to attend at least 2 out of 3 nodewars

Level Requirement is currently Level 60, with a minimum Gear score of 480 with a combat trial. Specific Class Exceptions are available please message any of the people below for more information..
PM family names Bluewinters, JKAZ, Shinoah,Impecable,HAFE, Dragonz,Riesling for a trial

Welcome to Tilted Gamers BDO